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Capturing The Desktop when The Taskbar Menu is Open in Ubuntu

Posted by : Unknown
Unlike the Windows OS, you can capture the desktop when the taskbar menu is open by pressing the Printscreen button on your keyboard. In ubuntu, when you open a menu in the taskbar & you press Printscreen on your keyboard then this button will not work (can not capture the desktop when taskbar menu is open). So how to capture it? The trick is to go to Applications>Accessories>Take Screenshot.

A window will appear as follows :

Type in the number of delay time that you want and click Take Screenshot. Then go to the taskbar menu and select item that you will capture. After a time delay runs out, the screenshot will be taken and and a window will appear and you will be prompted to save the capture result.

Click Save and then go to the directory where the capture result was saved & you will see the capture result of the desktop with a taskbar menu is open.


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