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Install & Uninstall Application in Ubuntu

Posted by : gen781
For the first time using Ubuntu might be wondering how to install the application and how to uninstall it. Applications can be installed in Ubuntu through Terminal, Ubuntu Software Center & Debian Package Installer. You just choose which way you like.

Installing via the Terminal

To install the application via the Terminal, type the following command:
Sudo apt-get install application_name 
Where application_name is the name of your application to be installed.

Installing Ubuntu via the Software Center

To install the application via the Ubuntu Software Center, click the Applications menu on the taskbar and then select the Ubuntu Software Center. Then the window will appear as follows :

Type the name of the application which you will install in the search field, it will automatically appear the application if the application is available on Ubuntu repositories.

Next you just click install & then wait until the application is installed so that the completed application is ready to run.

Installing with the Debian Package Installer

This method is commonly used by people who do not have the internet connection on his computer so he had to download the installer package from a computer connected to the internet and then install it on computers that are not connected to the Internet. To download the debian package installer, please visit :


Meanwhile, if you want to uninstall applications that you may not use anymore, you can do it through Terminal or Ubuntu Software Center.

Uninstalling via Terminal

To uninstalling applications via the Terminal, type the following command :
Sudo apt-get remove application_name
Where application_name is the name of the application you want to uninstalled.

Uninstalling via the Ubuntu Software Center 

Besides through the Terminal, we can also uninstalling applications that we may not need anymore through the Ubuntu Software Center. Open Ubuntu Software Center via the taskbar menu; Applications>Ubuntu Software Center. Type the name of the application you want to throw in the search field and then click Remove. After that wait until the application is successfully removed.


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